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Women in Fusion

MT28 LOC team is dedicated to promote diversity and inclusiveness in fusion, in particular regarding gender equity and the need for greater participation and recognition of women in the fusion field. Women in Fusion will organise several events at the MT28, which strongly supports its mission.

Women in Fusion Summary

Women in Fusion (WiF) is a global community, launched in July 2022, after a successful webinar at the Fusion Energy Conference (FEC2020) in May 2021. The main takeaway from the webinar was the need to create a global network for women working in all areas of fusion. Thereafter, WiF was born. The Steering Committee is a collaboration of representatives from various fusion organizations, including the IAEA, ITER, EUROfusion, General Atomics and Fusion for Energy.
WiF aims to inspire and support women in the fusion field through sharing experiences and creating a network for women to succeed, promoting contributions, and creating an evidence-based approach to influence policy that will lead to improvements in gender equity.

The Action Areas of WiF are:

  • Promote gender equity within the fusion community
  • Establish a friendly and productive work environment for everyone
  • Acknowledge contributions made by women in all aspects of fusion
  • Promote fusion as a clean source of energy in support of the fight against climate change
  • Set up a Research Program
  • Create a global platform for a meeting point for all women groups in fusion

WiF Seminar

This is a 90 minute seminar with contributions by 6 women magnet experts on various topics, each speaking for 15 minutes, followed by Q&A. Time and location will be provided soon.

WiF Coffee Networking Event

WiF is hosting a coffee break networking event for everyone interested in knowing more about the aims of the WiF group, either as a member or an ally – everyone is welcome. A speaker from WiF will give a short introduction, followed by opportunities to network.

How to participate: Registration details will be provided soon